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My NAME is NUR SHAHIRA- When I have 10 letters in my name and I was told to find 99th letter in my name, I felt like I have 99 problems instead.  
My brain had to work, yes, creative critical thinking. 
I rote count and listed down the numbers very carefully.  I tried to spot any pattern, multiples or any other clues so as to easily figure out the 99th letter in my name.  
I practically trying hard to stay focus when the more numbers I saw on my paper, my brain cells tend to have their way of shutting down.
I decided to cheat and minus NUR the mathematical way and so I am left with

S    H    A    H    I    R    A.
1    2     3     4    5    6    7
 13  12   11   10   9    8        
      14   15   16  17  18  19
25  24   23   22   21  20      

I figured 'A' as my my 99th letter in my name.


Ahh this one made me feel like I am one genius Math magician.  Suddenly I felt like WOAHHH, 


Children will be definitely be amazed with the Card Trick!
It is actually a fun way to introduce to children numerals and learning the number words.   
I shall show my children my magic, getting them to learn number words the magical way.  

A tangram is a Chinese puzzle consisting of 7 shape:
• Two large right triangles
• One medium sized right triangle
• Two small right triangles
• One small square
• One parallelogram 

Like building blocks, TANGRAMS can teach children about spatial relationships.
They may help children learn geometric terms and develop stronger problem solving skills and even help children perform better in general mathematics.

Arranged correctly, the shapes can be fitted together as a large square, rectangle, or triangle.  
I explored many different ways to create rectangle and square using 7 shapes or less.  
Tangrams too, can actually used to create different creative designs.  


Problem solving:

Two machines, one job

Ron's Recycle Shop, started when Ron bought a used paper-shredding machine.  Business was good so Ron bought a new shredding machine.  The old machine could shred a truckload of paper in 4 hours.  The new machine could shred same truckload in only 2 hours. How long will it take to shred a truckload of paper if Ron runs both SHREDDERS at the same time?

In 1 hour, the new machine will do half of the truckload.  In 1 hour, the old machine could do quarter of the paper.  So in 1 hour, the two machines have done three-quarter of the truck, and there is quarter left.  
What is left is one-third as much as what they already did, so it should take the two machines one-third as long to do that part as it took to do the first part. One-third of an hour is 20 minutes.  
That means it takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to do it all.   

Four Math problems covered for the evening.  

Oh MATH, you're so FUN-BULOUS! 

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